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This bundle is for you if you're interested in an authentic gift crafted with your child and family in mind. My husband and I write and record all the music ourselves—this is not AI. 

Evelyn's Songs 

Evelyn's Hello Song
Evelyn's Goodnight Song

We've added Evelyn's name to the above songs so that you can get a feel for what the songs will sound like with her name. We've included the entire song with placeholder words so that you understand where Evelyn's family members' names and favorite things will go in the song. Once you purchase the song bundle, we will email you a link to a brief form to fill out so that we can replace the placeholder words with Evelyn's and complete the song.


The Dancing Bears Music Song Bundle includes customized versions of our "Hello Song" and "Goodnight Song."


These songs will feature your child's name as if sung directly to them. You can also add family members' names and activities your child enjoys. After purchase, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. Once completed, we'll start working on your song. You will receive your song via a downloadable email link.

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