September 12th - October 15th, 2022


Dancing Bears Music is an early childhood music and movement class for children from Birth through age 5  w/caregiver(s).  

Outside Classes Classes will be held outside at Lancaster County Central Park.

Online Classes Online Classes will be offered via zoom/google meet.

Social distancing will be practiced throughout the class.  Families should bring a big blanket to sit on. Each blanket will help provide a clear visual boundary for social distancing while we sing, dance, and jam together (but at least six feet apart between families). 


Class Pricing is $129 for your 1st registered child and the cost per sibling is $89.


The cost includes:

  • 5 weeks of singing, moving, playing instruments, and dancing

  • 45 minute, outdoor, in-person classes

  • 21 downloadable Dancing Bears Music songs

  • Interactive Dancing Bears music and movement videos that can be streamed on any digital platform.


   • Fall Rhythm Kit* (Each registered child will receive a Fall Rhythm Kit)


    1 -  Fall Themed Tote Bag

    2 - Castanets

    2 - Triangles or Tambourines

    2 - Nylon Scarves

    4 - Rhythm Sticks

    4 - Egg Shakers

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Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Music and movement instruction has been shown to improve children's memory, cognitive development

The role of active play has been established not just as a part of learning, but as the basis for overall healthy social and emotional development. Research shows that encouraging free movement can give children space to develop self-awareness, learn non-verbal ways of communicating and to get to know themselves and their body.