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Music and Movement Activities You Can Do at Home

Through movement, children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and each other. Creative movement activities should encourage all children to participate.

Here are a few fun Music & Movement Activities You Can Do at Home!

Dance Together Dancing is so much fun and it's even more fun when we dance together. Pop in your Dancing Bears Music CD or stream it on Spotify and rock the day away! It's also a fun idea to slow things down right before you take a nap and do a slow dance to the goodnight song. Dancing is a wonderful way to connect and relax before putting your child to sleep.


Make an Indoor Hammock

This is so much FUN!! Find a large towel and an adult to help you! You can rock your child from side to side as you play some gentle music or sing a lullaby. Rocking is great for stimulating the vestibular system. The vestibular system is important for controlling balance and coordination. It also coordinates information in the ear, eyes, muscles, hands, feet, and skin.

Let's Go On A Hay Ride:

You can take the same towel you used for an Indoor Hammock and create a silly, fun indoor hay ride. Simply have your child sit or lay on the towel, then pick up the end closest to his/her head. Then pull them down the hall and around the room. Add some music for a little extra fun and movement inspiration.

What are some fun ways you incorporate music and movement into your daily activities?




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